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Behind the Scenes

Excellence in Entertainment!

Originally founded by husband and wife team Moe and Nicki Lynch, Righteous Entertainment has grown into a full service, film, television, video, and live event production company. We are highly committed to deliver your message in a manner that is precise, entertaining and compelling! We get great performances on camera from both professional and non-professional talent. By working with the best local video production and editing talent available, we truly bring top notch professionals who excel in the fine art of video production services. The award winning team at Righteous Entertainment creates and delivers media that improves your bottom line. Let Righteous Entertainment level the playing field for your small business to compete!


Film Distribution

RE Media is on the hunt for feature films, shorts, and music video content we can represent, to gain revenue through international distribution for filmmakers.

Live Event Production

Production management services for events including award shows, corporate programs and presentations, theater and stage plays, comedy shows and more.

Marketing Consulting

Nicki Lynch Consulting  helps entertainers & entrepreneurs maximize their business potential while partnering with a dynamic marketing team.

Film & Television Production

Got a great idea for a show or special, but need help developing it for the masses? We can help shape your idea into marketable content for sponsors, and your viewing audience.