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Candy & Tea

Inspired by the Martin / Zimmerman incident, “Candy and Tea” explores a back story to the 2 main characters.  Andy White, President of the Neighborhood Watch Committee is determined to take a stand.  A victim of bullying as a child, he grows into an adult who finally resolves to fight back!  Unfortunately his fight starts with a young hooded teen walking down the street, carrying candy and tea.   The short film illustrates why we should not be quick to generalize when people are custom made…




David Hunt is a working class citizen with a few flaws.  His biggest weakness is instant gratification.  What starts as a simple decision to take a day off from work, ends with a price that may cost him more than money.  It begs the question, ‘Is the pleasure worth the pain?




Who Knew Secret Lives Could Bring So Much Pain…

Britney Matthews and her boss, Donna, are keeping a painful secret.Bruises on Britney’s arm tell her co-workers that there’s trouble in her home life.But to Britney, those bruises are exposing a life that she doesn’t want anyone to know about.If her colleagues find out, it may come with some social repercussions. Who knew secret lives could bring so much pain?


Doritos Commercial

Blaze: The Truth Through Hip Hop

Now Available on DVD!

In a society where artists are glorified for being gunned down, women are admired for wearing fewer clothes, and children are quoting lyrics to songs that should be deemed Rated X, how do you spell relief? B- L- A- Z- E!

At the heart of this film is a desire to expose the “Other Side of Hip Hop”. Candid interviews, music video clips, and concert performances, all blend to create this smoothie of acidic relief.



The Heat Behind Holy Hip Hop

The current state of hip hop is on life support. This genre of music was once a platform for emcees to express their social & political views, address community issues, and simply rock the party. Now the industry simply reflects a deteriorating society.

However, now emcees from all over the nation are standing up for the genesis of a new movement called Holy Hip Hop. This version of hip hop is bringing the genre of music that we all love back to its origin, but this time with a twist….the message of Christ.


RETV is your source for Positive Hip Hop!  The series is an entertaining half hour of artist interviews, organizational profiles, music videos, comedy skits, and powerful discussions with teenage audience members.  It examines Hip Hop’s music, dance, graffiti and DJs that positively influence our youth and urban communities.

Remember Buffalo

48 Hour Guerrilla Film Competition

Written, Shot and Edited in 48 hours in Sarasota, FL by team CineVic – led by Moe & Nicki Lynch.

“Remember Buffalo” is a short film about a young female finding her inner strength to defeat an evil villan who wants her powers. – For the 48hr competition, our genre was action adventure, and our required line of dialogue was “Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo Buffalo”… Literally!

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