Live Event Production

Production management services for events including award shows, corporate programs and presentations, theater and stage plays, comedy shows and more.

Event production is has become a calling card for Righteous Entertainment! Ask anyone who has worked on a set with us and they comment on how well organized, timely, and on budget each our our productions are. Now we offer our attention to detail, timeliness, organization, creative skills, and budget management to you. We work in different capacities within the overall production of live events depending on your needs, seeing every project through to successful completion.

The roles we regularly undertake include:

  • Event & Production Management
  • Logistics & Operational Planning
  • Local authority liaison
  • Site & Infrastructure Management
  • Crew & Volunteer Management
  • Production Office Management

The Production Manager’s responsibilities encompass pre-production, behind the scenes, and post eventwrap duties.

Among these responsibilities are:

  • Asset inventory management (audio, video, lighting, scenic elements)
  • Local labor booking, budgeting, scheduling and supervision
  • Production Schedule
  • Floor plans
  • Venue liaison
  • Budget management