Film & Television Production

Got a great idea for a show or special, but need help developing it for the masses? We can help shape your idea into marketable content for sponsors, and your viewing audience.

Film Production

Righteous Ent is able to execute shoots in diverse formats- from DSLR to digital, all around the world. No job is too large or too small as vetted and professional solutions can be tailored to fit virtually any budget.  We service the entire process of creating a program including script breakdown, creating a budget and schedule, hiring creative talent, finding locations, rehearsals, and filming video editing and the addition of sound, music, and optical effects.

Scripts & Script Writing

Our award winning team of experienced script writers can work with you to convert or create a powerful story or marketing concept and integrate that message into all facets of your production.  If you have an existing story or you need writers for your production, we can help you come up with the right format, concept, and tone, and craft a video or even audio script that is engaging, powerful, and effective.

Public Service Announcements

A Public Service Announcements (PSA) is often the most effective and cost efficient way to get our your message, serving the public good, to a broad audience.  TV stations are mandated by law to broadcast Public service messages — so you are guaranteed a certain number of airings.  It is the most bang for your buck.  PSAs are an incredible way to get your message on the national airways on a budget.  RighteousEnt produces and distributes professional 30-second spots to be aired as PSAs.

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